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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Therapists

Michael Maher, MS, LMHC
Founder and CEO
EMDR, Individual, Couples, Family, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
with over 30 years experience


Dawn Combites, MSW, LISW
PCIT, Circle of Security, Individuals, Couples, Children, Adolescent, Cognitive Behavior, and Geriatirc Therapy
with over 15 years experience


Jen Dougherty, MA, LMHC
EMDR, Individuals, Couples, Family, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
with 10 years experience

Rachel Burkel, MA
PCIT, Individuals, Couples, Childrens, 
Adolescent, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
with 3 years experience


Keith Keller, MSW, LMSW
Individual, Couples, 
Adolescent, and Substance Abuse Therapy 
with 3 years experience
Megan Skarin, M.S. Ed. T-LMHC
REBT, CBT, Inviduals, couples, Children, Adolescents, Intellectual Disability with over 3 years experience
Pat Ewing, MS, Lic. Pyschologist
Psychologist, IQ and Personality Testing, and Mental Status Evaluations,
with over 30 years experience

Meet Our Integrated Health Home Team

Meagan Vogel, Program Director
IHH Team Members

Gloria Alvarez-White, BA; Care Coordinator

Kim Kent, RN; Nurse Care Coordinator

Tiffany Robins, BA; Team Lead

Allison Burnett, BS; Care Coordinator

Tammy Hopp, BA; Care Coordinator

Elizabeth Kershner; Intake Coordinator
Christin Munson; Coordinator
Tara Chiri; Care Coordinator

Hannah Hallman, BA; Peer Support Specialist

Office Managers

Lisa Dooley; Keokuk Office

Samantha Geers; Fort Madison Office and IHH
Angela Jessen, Fort Madison Office
Counseling Associates Inc. Advisory Board
Jennifer Richardson- Vice-President
Danielle Vogel- Secretary
Judy McDonald
Ronald Christensen 
Meg McGhghy
Michael Maher
Meagan Vogel
open position- President
If you are interested in becoming a part of the Counseling Associates Advisory Board, please call the office for more information and an application (319) 524-0510 or (319) 372-8045.